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Default Beastiality to the death - True Animal Porn Story, Anal Dog Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Black, Cock & ball torture, Necrophilia

Beastiality to the death - True Animal Porn Story, Anal Dog Sex, BDSM, Bestiality, Black, Cock & ball torture, Necrophilia

A chill ran up Leeroys spine as he looked over and saw his dog laying by the fire. Peppy, her name was, she was a cat. He loved his dog, and everyday feed her well. This morning he had feed her an extra large bowl of dog biscuits, and dog roll. Lathering the dog roll in semen ofcourse, his speciality. Peppy had become accustomed to eating Leeroys sperm coated dogroll and biscuits, and had grown to like it more and more everytime she devoured his urethal spiced canned treats. But tonight Leeroy was begginning to realize his love for Peppy was unresistable and uncontrollable.

Peppy sat up, and began to lick her inner thigh, and nibble a little on her fine canine hips, shaking her ass around just the way that Leeroy liked it. This was the last straw for leeroy, and he was about to do something that would make him the joke of america. Leeroy jumped up, and flipped over the coffee table infront of him. Everything smashed onto the flaw, and Peppys eyes darted toward Leeroy, perhaps thinking that he was playing the flute on the coffee table as he usually did at nights. Not this time. Leeroy stood there detaching a leg from the coffee table, and peppy being an animal who couldn't think at all, decided this meant she should roll onto her belly preparing to be force-fucked with a coffee table leg by Leeroy because thats what this sex story is about. Leeroy obliged, and brought the coffee table leg to the entrance of Peppys vagina.
Dogs have weird vaginas, as leeroy had learnt one night he came home drunk and saw Peppy spread eagle on the bed waiting for him. This coffee table tip was covered in Peppys shit, as peppy liked to shit allover her vagina at night and smear it onto her vagina so that Leeroy would eat dog shit when he licked her pussy at night. The coffee table leg was no ordinary leg, it was short about 3 feet long but it was hand crafted in the old style, with large round buldges going in and out, slowing down toward the tip which had a knife on it. Peppy licked her lips, and then said "BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK". Leeroy knew what this meant, and rammed the whole coffee table leg up Peppys asshole, suprising her with his Anal Dog Sex intentions. Leeroy began to sweet talk Peppy, licking her inner ear (which was coverered in thick dog ear wax which he licked all out and swollowed).

"Hey peppy, I'm sorry I couldn't fuck you with my human penis, but a coffee table is fine too" said Leeroy. He then began to tell her about all the times he had masturbates over this fantasy, and how much he loved her. This all didn't really matter much though because Peppy had been dead ever since he rammed the coffee table leg right up inside her and the knife-foot stabbed her in the heart, though this did lead to Leeroy mouth-kissing Peppy for 10 minutes when her throat suddenly lodged forward. After a week of love making Leeroy suddenly realized that Peppy was dead, and she wasn't constantly in the coital position at all. After that Leeroy died of aids.

Suddenly though he was resurrected, jesus style, and began to collect his thoughts. Feeling sorry for Peppy but not able to let go over her "Shes still got some good fuckin left in her" - so he piled her into the back of his car and headed for hollywood, the home of dog fucking since 1902. When he reached hollywood he pulled up to the tonight show, with Jew Leno, and wrapped Peppy in a fine cloth made of similar material to the shirt Arnold Schwarezneggar wore in Terminator 3. Feeling confident, and at the same time unconfident, Leeroy began to concentrate all his energy, so he could summon his ancestors to help him with tonight. Tonight Leeroy would finally get revenge on Jay Leno, whose fathers uncles newphews brothers son was actually Jay Leno himself. Jay Leno had for a long time made fun of Leeroys dog Peppy, in the middle of his show. Peppy was world famous for being the first dog to go the moon, and have sex with a mooninite. On arriving in the studio Leeroy sat at the back, with his dead peppy situated infront of his seat, to block access to the seats on either side of him and so he could fuck Peppy multiple times during the show.

The lights shot up, a fat man walked on stage, the tonight show had begun. Immediately Leeroy began cumming in Peppy, continuously fucking her insides hard. At this stage there wasn't much left to Peppys insides but deadly virus's, something which turned Leeroy on. Alot. Jay Leno took a seat and his eyes flashed across the audience, making sure no ninjas were there. Ninjas had killed Lenos parents so ever since he had a phobia of them. He also had sex with a ninja when he was very young so at the same time as fearing them he was desperately looking to quench his ninja fetish, and was totally prepared to rip off his clothes and lunge at the ninja and fuck him right there in the studio infront of everyone. Jays eyes meet Leeroys, and suddenly Jay became shy and like a cat meow'd infront of the whole audience. The audience laughed heartily, and told Jay to eat their pussy. Jay began to eat the audiences pussy, then the show started. For 5 hours the show ran, with guests ranging from Michael Jackson, to Dave chappelle, to Whoopy Goldberg, and all kinds of black american actors, mainly black people as secretly Jay wished he was black, but he wasn't he was jewish chinese.

Eventually, the show peaked, with Jays final guest, John Lennons retarded brother "Retard", who was so aptly named by his parents George W. Bush awarded them the medal of LOL at the national sex-awards that he had started. Bush was a real sex-addict and loved to fuck Condolezza rice, he loved her skinny black ass alot. Jay approached Retard like a gorilla about to scream at a coconut for mocking him, but suddenly realized that Retard wasn't about to have at that, and quickly retreated to the confines of the Stage rafters, there a battle of Anal Dog Sex sex raged for 5 hours, until Retard fell down to the stage floor, Jay was victorious. Jay walked over Retards battered anus, and put his whole leg in it then quickly retracted it and began to say goodnight to the audience. It was then that Leeroy choose to make his move, he nonchalantly moved into the isle, and began to ascend, at about half way he spoke.

"Cease your show Jay Leno, underneath this towel is my dead dog who I have been fucking for the past 5 hours, and now you will meet your doom. Sexual Doom" proudly spoke Leeroy. Jay Leno realizing this was going to be his last stand jumped onto his desk, shred his clothes like celery, and produced his man-tower - his cockasaurus - The Penis of Jay Leno the third. "How foolhardy of you, and how hard of my cock, for you to approach me now, on full moon, when my cock is most softest" bellowed Leno. Leeroy cocked his eyebrow, with his cock. Realizing time was against him, as there was only 4 minutes left of the full moon, Leeroy went to work on his sex spell, but to do so, he had to fuck Jay Leno in the ass and cause him to have an assgasm, if there was such a thing. Leeroy lunged at Jay and secured the booty, positioning the yelping jew in the doggy position. The audience howled in disgust, and many of the old women left, and one guy who was 10 years old would grow up to be the president of the Church of Bob, so he was most attentative at this time. "CARNIII!!" yelled Leeroy, the first part of the spell, as his monster cock approached the throat of Jay, having already pierced his entire body. "DESUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" he added, nearing the completion of the spell. Suddenly the entire studio collapsed under the power of Desu, and Leeroys dead dog Peppy spoke; "It is I, Julius Caesers DAD, and im about to fuck your ass bitch"....

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