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Default Raped a goth girl - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Gothic, Young

Raped a goth girl - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Gothic, Young

Marrisa is a tease that learns a harsh lesson from brad.
One day I was watching the local high school and I saw this goth girl, no older than 15 wearing the smallest skirt I ever saw that didn't reveal anything. She wasn't the hottest girl there but she was close. She had black hair shoulder length, brown eyes, about 5'2 and nice tits. I saw her walking home from school and I never waste an oportonity. I park one street up and wait for my soon to be toy. Right when's she gets next to my van I throw the door open, grab her and take off. She starts screaming so I just grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the dash board. I continued driving, staring at her petite body every chance I got. I couldn't wait to get home so I pulled into the nearest alley and parked.

I layer her down in the back and started to stare at her. I start to run my fingers along her body. I then grab her shirt and start ripping it off. After her shirt was off I was about to take off her skirt when I decided not to because she would look sexier with it on. I reached up her skirt and discovered she didn't even wear panties to school. I thought to myself 'what a slut' I rubbed her pussy and she stared to wake up. I quickly grab my sock and shove it in her mouth. I then grabbed hand cuffs that I bought for an occasion like this and cuffed her hands behind her back. She tried very hard to get out but she was to weak. I then got a knife and told her to stop moving. She looked at the knife and had a petrified look. I then said "if you even try to escape I'll kill you with out hesitation. She nodded in agreement and I smiled. I took out the sock, half expecting her to scream but she stayed quiet. I said " hello my name is brad and you are...." she gave me a puzzled look and said "my name is marrisa" I told her to stay where she is while I drive home. While I was driving home i was thinking to myself how much fun I was gonna have with her. I pull into my garage and close the door so no one would see my treasure. I tell her to follow me and she does. We walk into my house and my German shepard starts barking. "down boy you will have your turn soon" He walks back into his corner and lays on his bed. I take her down to the basement, I point to a 8x8 cell I made. "this will be your room, you will be fed when I feed you and you will wear the clothes I tell you too. I uncuff her and put on a collar and a 6 foot leash. I close the cell door and walk across the room to my storage room. I pull out a chair and my pipe and place it in front of her cell. I pack some weed in and start to smoke. I look at her and said " what are you waiting for I wanna see a show" she says " what do you mean" I stopped got up opened the door and slapped her. "you better know what I mean bitch or I swear I will hit you harder than that." I walk out and close the cell and sit back down, I resume my smoking. She lays on the floor and nervously starts to rub herself. My cock twitched and I took a hit and blew the hit right into her face. I then pulled my shorts down revealing my 8 inch dick and started to rub it. She stops and started to stare. I got up and she started again but it was to late. I opened the cell and slapped her again. She started to cry. I then shoved my dick in her mouth and I push it to the back of her throat and she gagged. I face fucked her for about 5 min and then pulled out. She curled in a ball and cried. I look at her and spread her legs and saw her tiny pink clean shaven pussy and tried to put my dick in her. She tried pushing me away but I kept her down and started to penetrate her. She was so tight I barley got the head in. I used more force and I got the head in. I started to go deeper when I hit her hymen. I was surprised, I thought 'this tease is still a virgin' with out thinking I shoved my dick all the way in and I popped her. She screamed, bleeding and crying I pumped my dick in her thrusting back and forth. My balls were wanting to explode. I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. I fucked her for about 10 minutes. I was nearing my climax and I pushed my dick as far in it would go and cummed deep inside her. I got up closed the cell door and put away my chair and pipe and I said " go to sleep, you have a long day ahead of you" I left went to my room and went to bed a happy man.

I woke up walked in the living and my dog jumped up hungrily. I fed him and rubbed his ears. I make some oatmeal and put it in a bowl and head down stairs. I see her laying down and I give her the bowl. "I need a spoon" she says. "eat it like the dog you are" I said. She listened and ate. I went into the cell, I didn't notice it yesterday but she had cuts on her arm. They weren't fresh but they were big. I let her finish her meal then I grab her. She jumpped, surprised and I pulled out my dick and started to fuck her again. She cries again but as I fuck her I hear her moan a little. "your starting to like this huh you little slut" I said. I pull her hair as I fuck her. I then slow down and pull out. She relaxes, expecting it to be over, I shove it into her tight virgin ass. She screams as loud as I ever heard. My balls start swelling up. Near my climax she starts moaning as she starts to orgasam. She tightens her ass which puts ne over the edge and I cum deep in her tight ass. I get up and grab her leash and lead her up stairs. I call my dog buddy and I tell her to get on all fours. She hessitates and I hit her and she falls. Buddy comes over and starts sniffing her. She pushes him away and he growls and her and she stops. He starts to lick her pussy and my cum that is running out of her ass. He then mounts her and starts to try and fuck her but he keeps missing the hole. To my surprise she helps him out and guides him in. As he starts to fuck her I get hard again and I put my dick in her mouth and she greedily sucks me off. As I am watching buddy fuck her I see his knot getting bigger and closer to her sweet pussy. He pushes it in and she is surprised and accedently bit my dick. As buddy cums I hit her for bitting me. I start choking her and I see her struggling to breath. I keep my grip and I see her life fading away. I stop and check her pulse, nothing. I shrug and said " well that's another one gone. "
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