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Default My Four Legged Whore - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Murder, Snuff, Torture, Written by women

My Four Legged Whore - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Murder, Snuff, Torture, Written by women

Lester adopts a dog, but not for long.
Disclaimer: This has not and will not ever happen in real life! I'm a strict vegan, but have a taste for writing disturbing material. Anyone doing this to an animal in real life should be severely published.

You wouldn't think I'm this fucked up. I look like every normal man you see. My family is wealthy, I have a good job, and I'm polite to everyone. As they say though, looks can be deceiving. Anyway, I usually start my day off by reading the classified ads in the paper. I do this to find my next victim. A victim of my perversions even more helpless than a child. I wonder what I'll find today.
As I scan the paper, I find three suitable matches that could get me a victim tonight. A family has a baby and no longer wants their 2 year old lab. Labs are boring though, and I just slaughtered one last night. Another guy has a pit bull that's too tough to handle. I don't want one that'll put up a fight. A woman is moving into a house that won't allow dogs. There, that one sounds perfect! I rest my feet on the dead lab below me, and I dial the number from the paper to my cell phone. It rings three times and then-
"Hello, who's this?" Answered the soft-voiced woman.
"My name is Lester, I was interested in the dog you were giving up. Care to tell me more about him?" I state in a normal, calm tone.
"Well, his name is Storm. He's intact because I had plans to breed him, but those went awry." She tells me, almost in a disappointed tone.
"He's a wolf-German shepherd mix. Very nice boy." She says proudly. Although my disgust for her grows. She's just another backyard breeder who thought it'd be cool to have wolf puppies.
"Sounds like my type of dog, when can I come get him?" I ask, anxiously.
"Right now if you really want." She says. I wonder, does she even want this dog?
After she gives me her address, I walk out to my car. I keep pondering what I'll do to this dog. Obviously, I'll fuck him. There isn't any way I'm getting an intact dog and not giving it a blow job, letting it fuck my ass, or reaming it's tight tail hole. I love leaving my big, thick cock into these four legged sluts while they scream for the 20 minutes, it just makes my orgasm that much better. Looks like I got caught in dream land, I better get in my car and drive.
15 minutes later I'm at her house. She's outside with the dog waiting for me. She's a beautiful woman with pale-blue eyes. Just my type. If she doesn't move out of the area, I might just see if she wants to check-up on the dog at my place. Then I'll rape and snuff her.
"Thank you so much for taking Storm. He's my baby, but you seem like you'll take care of him well." She has tears in her eyes while saying this. I give her a comforting hug and we chat about the dog for a few minutes. I give her my phone number in case she wants to check up sometime, and then I leave with Storm.
Storm is quite a beautiful dog, I look at his features while we drive home. His coat is long and somewhat dark, and he has lovely grey eyes. I can't wait to see those grey eyes stare at me dead. I look down at his sheath, he's packing. While we're at a red light, I grab his sheath and start jerking it. His back arches and he starts thrusting and grunting. Clear cum instantly sprays out, and his big, red cock is swelling. I slip his sheath behind his knot, I'm surprised and aroused by how big his cock is. It's easily 10 inches, and the knot is the size of my fist. Oops! Green light! Cars are honking at me, better safe the rest for home.

We're home. I lead Storm into the house. He's excited by all the new smells, but frightened by the dead lab on the floor. I forgot to clean that up before we left. I decide I'll start out nice and them work my way into being cruel. I lead him down the hall way into sex/torture room. It's well equipped for both pleasure and pain. I jump on the bed and call Storm near me. I ponder what to do, then I remember that huge member of his and how much I'd love it up my ass. My cock is being hard and I can feel it rubbing against my boxers. It's time to get naked.
With my clothes off, I bend over. Usually I have to coerce dogs to mount me, but Storm's last owner must have been a gigantic dog fucker. He mounts me immediately. His paws are wrapped around my waist and I feel his furry hips thrusting against me. His cock doesn't stab my ass cheeks a few times like most dogs, it just slides right in. When it does he's right at it. Eight inches slides in and out repeatedly, he tries to put the knot in, but I won't let it. It eventually gets too engorged to slip in anyway and he's back at pounding my ass hard. I grab my cock and start pumping away at it until I'm fully hard. I won't come until I kill this little bitch, but you can't beat the feeling of a dog cock up your ass.
Finally he slows down and starts panting hard. He gets up and starts to walk away. I decide to get cruel. I stand up, grab him by his collar, and pick him up in the air. He lets out a choking yelp and struggles, staring at me with his grey eyes. I just chuckle and throw him on the bed on his back. I tightly tie his wrists and ankles, which is pretty hard to do to a dog, but I manage. I also muzzle him. I look down at this beauty, wondering what to do when it hits me. I glance over at the cattle prod and grab it. With no lube I shove it up his ass and give him a jolt. The most sickening, throaty scream echoes throughout the whole house. I'm amused and do it again. Again he lets out a shriek worse than the last. I rip it out, put the prod on his sheath, and zap his cock. He lets out multiple, dirty screams.
My cock is harder than ever. There is no way I can fit my cock into his asshole. I guess I'll have to make a fuck hole. I pull out a pocket knife and stab is stomach, dragging it down a bit. He squirms, but doesn't make too much noise. I can see his intestines, I can't take it anymore. I get on top of him and start fucking his stomach hole. With each thrust I let out a grunt or moan, with each thrust he lets out a scream or a whine. I fuck him hard for a good few minutes, and he eventually just takes it. I stop for a second because I have to piss. I got to pull out, but wait, I can just piss inside him. I'm killing him off after I do anyway. So there I am, letting a stream of gold infiltrate his inner workings. He starts to squirm again, it must burn. When I finish off, I thrust into his innards harder than ever. My cock slips between his intestines and I start choking Storm. He makes throaty gasps for air and I almost cum. Then I realize something that would make an even more gorey death. I slow down my pace and grab my pocket knife. I thrust harder and again and slash his throat. Not once, not twice, but three times. I also make a huge, gutting cut on his stomach. Blood sprays all over me and he chokes on his own fluids. He screams, I cum.
I flop onto him, his cold dead, grey eyes staring at me. I give him a kiss. My cell phone rings. It's his previous owner. She wants to come over and say one last goodbye. I've never snuffed a human before.
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