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Default Trash part 1 - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Cock & ball torture, Drug, Extreme, Incest, Scatology

Trash part 1 - Dark Fantasy Animal Sex, Bestiality, Cock & ball torture, Drug, Extreme, Incest, Scatology

read the most amazing story ever told first
: Detective Preston Rocket and Detective Andre Sykes investigate a case of a lesbian couple found on top each other. One had no organs in side of her. The other had a knife in the back of her head. The detectives conclude that someone broke into their house and killed them. They question the neighbor, Earn Bagman. Earn committed the crime but acts smooth and leaves. Earn has a daughter named Julie and a wife named Mickey. Earn is an ex-astronaut.

Julie is a twelve year old girl experimenting with her sexuality. She invites her Visala Maninal over frequently to have sex. Julie hates her mother but loves her dad and fantasizes about him raping her while she's in bed. She will have sex with anyone. She loves ass. She has a huge ass which is three feet across. She sticks a peanut butter and jelly sandwich up Visala's ass with a lacrosse stick and eats her toe nails. They get into Anal Dog Sex 69 position. Then Visala pulls out the sandwich and throws it at Julie's face. Julie likes to eat Visala's enemas. Visala stuffed the organs of the lesbian who was killed in her ass thinking they were from a cow and farted them out as a birthday surprise for Julie.

Visala is an Indian girl. Her mother has gone missing and she lives with her father Vikram. Vikram is a raging alcoholic who is verbally abusive towards Visala. Visala has sex with Julie to cope. Visala is a lesbian, when Julie is a bisexual. She shoves a big glass dildo inside of herself constantly. She also spanks Julie and watches her ass jiggle. She is sexually attracted to disgusting things. She watches a porn site with a morbidly obese man piercing his genitals while women piss on him. And another were a boy is having his face operated on to remove his cleft palate. And scenes were a woman shits a load of diarrhea into another one's eyes while they watch a cockfight. She engages in pony play and sucks horses. She also has animals penetrate her when humans can't fulfill her appetite. There are frequently candy corns in her shit. Julie picks them out and eats them. The first night they met, Visala took a big sugary shit in Julie's mouth. They both love candy corns and like to binge eat and fuck at the same time. Like once Julie ate an entire roast chicken, two plates of spaghetti, and eight Hershey bars in one minute and fucked Visala with her fist. Anything gooey turns her on.

Mickey is a bitchy woman who hates Julie. She beats Julie with a ruler frequently. She is a hateful woman who is the result of feuding parents Gigi and Arnie. Arnie beat Gigi and Gigi in turn beat Mickey and cheated on the family with a man in a wheelchair. That man was Earn's father. Earn's dad, Russ, used his wife as a surrogate mother. So Mickey and Earn are half brother and sister. They hide this fact and it makes their marriage hard. Mickey is afraid of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. She is with Earn because Earn saved her life after she was being raped and was fed nails. The group of rapists went in every hole except her mouth, asshole and pussy. Earn grabbed one the rapist's and stomped his testicles to a pulp. She kissed him right in front of the man who she kicks in the face. They had sex and had Julie. Mickey lost her figure after Julie and she hates her for that.

Earn is on a new drug. He is supplied by Trey, his demented neighbor. Trey makes Earn kill someone every time he can't pay the full price for the drugs. The drug is impossible to come off of. There have been reports of people who resort to self cannibalism, violence, and cases of Priapism. This happens to Trey, who is as a result rendered impotent. Earn breaks out constantly and is jumpy because of the drug. He hears ringing and he sees Beelzebub as a chronic masturbator. He runs into the bathroom to shit. He takes a huge shit and cries during it. Mickey takes a pill by accident while it's under the guise of an Advil. Julie masturbates, being sexually aroused by the bowel movement. She has invited Visala over. They grind their asses together and she says "Keep going you Indian bitch!" over and over again. Julie then puts a light in her pussy and turns it on.

Mickey starts to feel the effects. She goes to a club and meets Shaneequa, who changed her name to Shannon and got a sex change. They have sex in the middle of the dance floor while people pour beer on her. Mickey grabs his balls hard and makes out with him. They snowball with each other, until the police come in. They get arrested. Earn bails her out. Earn violently beats her face, causing her face to swell badly. Julie watches this and laughs to herself. Earn pours a pot of boiling water on her and chains her to bed. He takes more drugs and walks out of the room. When he sees Julie, he hits her in the face. Julie likes it. She tugs on his cock and asks for him to vaginally rape her. She spreads her labia. He does. He busts a lamp over her head while pushing his cock in and out. He takes it out and pets her hair with his dick and rubs cum in her hair. She gets pregnant and decides to keep it.

At school Julie tells the news to everybody at school. She meets with Tarea, having fully recovered from Megan's mutilation. They have sex. Tarea pours toilet water on her tits and puts her vagina on Julie's. Her vagina squirts on Julie's ass and she eats Tarea's ass out. Tarea punches the ass hard and massages her insides. Julie screams and the principal hears. The principal comes in. He rapes them both while tying them up. He smacks them in the faces and pisses on them. He shits in Tarea's mouth and ass. Tarea tastes the peas inside the shit. He rapes Julie and she gets pregnant again. Tarea pulls him off and pukes the shit in his face. Then she beats him over the head with a sink she pulled out of the wall. Then she kicks him in the chest into a metal rod sticking out of the wall and pulls him upwards ripping him open. She takes him and scalps him alive and mails it to his wife. Tarea forces Julie to rip of the man's balls and eat them. She does so and she rips off his dick. Tarea stuffs the dick up the Principal's ass and stomps on him. Julie can't stand not to be with Tarea. They have sex 223 times in one week. When Visala gets jealous Julie takes a break from Tarea. They have sex while sniffing glue. Julie vomits on her head and puts in under her armpit. Then she sticks her scalp in her pussy.

Once Mickey's face heals, Earn lets her go at gunpoint. He threatens to shoot her seventeen times. Mickey takes her anger out on Julie by forbidding her to see Visala. Julie sleeps in septic sludge one night to change Mickey's mind. She sleeps naked and rolls around in it. The neighbor's see her and get angry. Two officers come by. Earn asphyxiates one and shoots the other three times in the crotch. His nuts and dick are gone completely. He then sticks the guns in the wound and forces him to dissect his partner and turn him inside out. He does so. He takes the officer, Wyke, downstairs to meet the other hostages in Earn's dungeon. The inhabitants are Gail, a black woman who's eyes are out of their sockets, Marv, a man who is keeping his organs inside of himself and has a face with gigantic boils hanging off of it, Jill, a woman who was raped for three days continuously and is covered in saliva, and Seth, a legless boy scout with a stab wound in his chest. Earn rapes Gail and throws her down the stairs after Wyke enters. Trey supplies Earn with drugs. Earn sees Beelzebub come over and ask him if his wife is hot. He sees Beelzebub violating her and beating her with a three iron. His erection rips through his pants.
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