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Exclamation Russian village [Zoo Story]

In the end, our bookmobiles stopped. Opened a narrow door, and on the way out people who come here every summer. Someone needs to the garden, someone in the village, and someone came elementary to fishing, a break from the dusty municipal life. I was in the middle of those who managed to escape for the weekend and visit this neglected region. Before me stretches a large plain, on which were placed small houses, similar to matchbox. In the distance glimmered the river, winding deftly between the tiny houses. I fell from the path and headed to the village where lived my uncle. No sooner had I lowered out of the way and numerics with thoughts when I heard my. I turned and noticed how I was moving the man on the cart. Barely dragging along the bast Mare, koiya was carrying this man, all the while stumbling, and probably gets hit with a whip.
Sit down! - Shouted the man.
Thank you, I will take that way.
- No, sit down, take.
I promptly jumped into the wagon, threw their own baggage and comfortably perched on the Seine. The man shouted, and the horse drove us to the village.
We were moving long, 2 hours. Probably because of the time I had learned a lot from the life in this, as I previously thought, neglected region. I thanked the men and, jumping from the truck, went according to the street. First, I saw that this village is relatively - indeed deserted, but I quickly realized that life here boils.
On the street I was greeted by the wife of his uncle and led to the tower. In the home turns out to be quite at ease: a large front, a number of rooms, living-room, a refectory and a well-finished log 2nd floor. I was ushered into a tiny, but quite lovely the room. I put things in the codend and sat down to rest. Played slow music, my soul leads to a position of bliss and tranquility, and at the time after a caller in me is still not known to me emotion. Evenly I moved to the bed and fell asleep.
In front of me was flying fields, country houses. Because of the imminent bus flew miles. In the end, bookmobiles stopped and all gone. However, if something has happened: the driver refused to drive further to my PT appointment. Later I found myself near the river. You see a man hell gave me a ride. He's standing near the truck, then he takes the horse, tied to a log, and if something is busy in the feet of horses. Suddenly he be placed on a cart, and lifts the tail of their own horse. Horse tries to resist, but the man beating her with a whip. The man is taking off his pants, later large painted paint boxers. Though he stands his back to me, but I clearly see how the man raised the member. He gets on the Mare and diligently begins to move backwards. He Fucks horse! He fucked her 5 min., time delay from stopping to rest. In the end, he frantically twitched and came.
Awakened me to the rapid catchy music. I opened an eye and noticed before him a gorgeous lady with flowing hair and great forms.
- Arises. Closer dinner.
- And, closer I'm ready, I'm coming.
- You expect.
I got up, rubbed his eye and walked out of the woman. She led me into a huge dining room where he was sitting all my relatives.
- Oh, look who it is! - Shouted my uncle.
"Sit down, nephew, sit down. So much food, at the moment a glass pour.
All giggled and talked loudly. I soon joined the conversation the interlocutors, and after the 2nd shot glasses became a busy Joe blow, grinding every vulgarity. Everyone was asking me, how after that in the town where I study, though for long he arrived. I had told them all, including and said, if I was still a virgin. Uncle laughed, and said, though probably we will soon fix that. It was easy to guess who probably has the ability to correct - I was sitting against the woman, koiya startled me, and I winked. Quickly I have absolutely taphanel, and felt somewhat uncomfortable between the legs. Probably in the time of the Banquet was the climax. The dog is the Fool walked more closely according to the table and had finished due to all. The woman sitting against, came up to me and hugging, imprinted on my lips a delicious kiss, hell can only grant the ones that probably make quite often. I wanted it to be, but fell straight on her tummy. She caught me from behind Paks and took in the room. Plopping down on the couch, I hugged her legs, pulled it between my legs. She unzipped his fly and got a great cock. I put the hands in front of her skirt and pulled melting. The woman lifted the skirt. My cock stood vertically closer to the floor and rubbed against her pubis hairsty. I lifted the lady and put her on his own stake. I Went into it soon, however, to move I never had the opportunity - tired. But the woman was sensible and took charge of the hips. Evenly her pace accelerated and brought me to emotion. I lifted her skirt even harder, and then took over my bra, I got enough really soon, and in front of me flaunted a huge Boobs with great grandiloquent - brown nipples. The woman bent down and hugged me over the head. I pressed her to myself and said to her, if she squeezed her legs. She listened to me and tensed, trembled a little shiver, then she began to briskly shake, and she screamed. However, with me came the most also: I tensed and not allowing to escape the clique, threw her in the depths of his own juice. The woman soon twitching ass and grabbed my shoulders. I threw head back and sighed with relief.

What's your name? "She asked. Roma. And you?
- Me Kate.
And you made love for the first time, right?
- You guessed it.
- Thank you for being such great sex, but I want more, do you mind?
- Of course not.
Katya stood up to his full height and threw off his clothing remnants. She was quite tall and slender. I put my hand on her pubis and quietly said, "Spread them out". Katherine spread her legs slightly and put my hands on his shoulders. I stroked her hairy pubic mound, and slipped my hand further into the depths. On my palm lay heavy swollen labia; they were moist and is located on the entire palm. I raised her middle finger and slipped it inside. Kate moaned and slightly bent, my finger went into it all. Then I stuck another finger in there, and then the whole hand. The girl yelped and tugged hips, her Boobs were jumping in my face, nipples hit my face and bounced, forcing my cock to acquire the desired shape. I began to move my hand in time with her movements. Katya moaned, and my hand poured opaque, viscous liquid.
Roma, take me back, please.
- I'm ready. Lean.
Kate bent down, put her hands on white halves and spread them. I anointed a member of its secretions, and slowly began to enter it in the ass Katya. At first it was tight, but then became confident to Wade into the depths. When he entered the whole, I started to make frictions. Raskoryachishsya Kate podmahivat me backwards, bringing me even more pleasure. For me this is the first time I moaned, barely restrained himself, but the surface is straight doing my thing: I was discharged in the inside of the currents of warm life-giving liquid.
I woke up late in the morning. By my bed stood a tray of food. The food was quite tasty and varied: a big red watermelon, tea sandwiches, thinly sliced sausage. I ate Breakfast and went outside. Before me appeared a Russian village in all its glory: with its lakes, gardens, fields, with its tiny houses, with her blue clear and cloudless sky.
On the field worked for several girls, with his long dress, revealing her little white butt. And there, across the field flowed a broad mirror Volga., surf the river boats, ships published whistles that were heard even here. I put on a Bathrobe and headed for the girls.
I got to them quickly - about five minutes. The first turned out to Kate, and then everyone else. Apparently, Katherine already told me about, because the girls dropped their hoes and went back to my place.
- Hello, Rum.
- Good morning, girls.
- Rum, look what I'll show you.
And then Katya opened her robe. Baring her Boobs, belly, pubes and beautiful legs. She threw her arms around his chest and stood up. Nipples were battened up, proudly calling me to fight.
- You're beautiful.
Fuck me.
- But maybe better at home?
- No, here. I want to see.
- Okay.
- Girls, take off my Bathrobe. - Asked Katya.
The girls took off the robe from his shoulders Katerina and threw him in the ground. One girl, stronger, was cancer, resting his buttocks in the ass Katya. Kate spread her legs, threw back his head and began to bow back. When her head touched the back, and a willing cunt appeared before my face, she told me to start. I pulled out his penis, bared head and held on wet vulva. Kate groaned," Please don't torture me, fuck, please.". I heeded her request and once drove it all the member. There was hot and damp. My head is easily slipped in this cave, bringing me incredible pleasure.
- Cach, straining muscles.
My dick is shrinking vagina muscles and I couldn't move, then I grabbed Kate's hips and moved by force into the member. Kate moaned, but even more tense. From this already and I broke down and groaned; it was hard to move, a searing pleasure. Before I could fuck her in a minute splashed in it a lot of sperm. Katya had finished with me at the same time, languid groan.
Katerina got up and asked me if I wanted to see the property. I thought, why not explore the farm and agreed She took me by the hand and we all went across the field to the wooden buildings. I was a city resident and had seen animals only in pictures. Soon we were in the stables. There were five horses, two mares and the rest stallions young. They were tied to a long log. Next to them were bales of straw stacked so that you can easily get under the ceiling. Katya went to one stallion, and patted him on the head, he moaned and realized what he should do. From his pocket began to come out a long slimy pisun stallion. Katia quickly fell under the horse and spread her legs. Her hairy pussy was directly under a member of the young horse. Katherine grabbed pisun horse with two hands and pointed it at myself. Pissing horse all lengthened, and finally reached the wet lips of Catherine. She groaned and began rubbing the cock of a stallion. From this he has lengthened, and ran into vagina, Kate parted stronger, and the horse cock began to enter into the vagina. Katya moaned, languidly asked the horse even more to enter it. My cock is already standing, and was ready to have sex. I'm not wasting a minute, walked over to Kate, sat down on the floor and took out his phallus. Katerina understood me and grabbed my dick lips. Katya began diligently to suck my dick, while a member of the stallion entered her to the limit. She could not to moan, and uttered only guttural sounds. Katin tongue gently stroked my cock, making me storm of emotions. Suddenly the horse whinnied, and Kate released the cock in his mouth. She stiffened and, without releasing knob stallion screamed - her orgasm was so great that I ran all through her body and took the girls squealing. Horse pochuev ecstasy of his girlfriend, came too, filling it inside a large number of sperm. A little breath, Katherine grabbed my cock with his lips and began to suck. She licked the head, laid her cheek, lightly biting. Finally, I groaned and poured streams of sperm down her throat. She swallowed everything and licked my cock almost to the eggs. In five minutes we were in the barn. One of the girls said that it's time to cows milk, but she winked at me and walked over to the cow. I didn't know what she would do with a cow without a bucket, but judging from the udder of the cow, she wished that she had removed the burden. But Kate did something quite different: she raised the cow's tail and got her little white fingers along the thick lips cows. Then she put his finger and wiggled them, then took the finger and licked. But then she started rubbing her vagina, and lay down under the cow and grabbed a nipple with his teeth for cows. Meanwhile one of the girls hugged me around the waist and tried to kiss my ear. I did not panic and grabbed her boob. The girl groaned and then stuck his hand up my robe to the floor, groped my stiff cock. I responded to her motion, squeezed her Breasts, and the other arm laid on the pubis and lightly scratched it. Katya has already sucked a cows nipple and smug masturbated, pulling excited clitoris. The girl turned to me and put her arm around my neck, her Breasts rested against me and I felt like she took my cock from his confinement and started to drive on the stomach. I slipped my hand further and felt a damp sponge; they were slippery and hot. The girl clung to me even stronger and our lips closed, her tongue moved into my mouth, to which I replied the same.
The girl threw off her dress, and I finally embraced her long-awaited body - naked, trembling.
Feeling through my pants already risen a long phallus, she bent all in my hands, and wriggling like a little snake, breathed out hotly: "come on, come on, I can't wait any longer. Quick, take me."
Putting her on her back and throwing her legs to the top, to the glittering stars, I entered it. It seemed to me that now I will break it - a miniature. Her little ass was just cracking under the pressure of my body. The girl screamed continuously, spun beneath me, it all turned into screaming with delight lump of pleasure.
When I finished, I felt hands all over, how she became wet. Sweat streams flowed from it, my hands just glided over her smooth body. Slippery as a fish with tangled long hair, the girl slipped from my arms. I leaned back and felt how she took his full lips proobably my cock. Making sucking movements, she was moving up and down his head, leading my cock into a state of frenzy. How cleverly she played them, just like a toy,
sucking it under one cheek, then the other, then rolling the swollen head of the cock with her tongue around her mouth.
In my excited mind conceived the desire that immediately demanded satisfaction. I raised up and holding my partner by the waist, put her on all fours in front of him. He felt the hands of the hot hollow between her sweaty buttocks, I put become a huge the head of your cock to her anus. Still, it was scary. First, I've never done this with anyone before, and secondly, I was really afraid to break the girl. What will become of her tiny chiseled ass, her narrow anus, if I'm all the strength of my inflamed passion from digging into it?

But she, realizing that I want to do, encouraged me: "Come on, don't be afraid, dear. I got everything in there... Very very wide. You're not gonna hurt me, there passing by the road".
Girl, even without waiting for my further action, anxious and pushes up and down his pelvis, I began to hear her nervous, discontinuous breathing.
"So you got there driving the road, you say?" - flashed in my head - "Well, hold on then. Will show no mercy.". And as hard as he did not restrain himself more, I drove deep into the hot flesh of a girl's ass with his cock. She just what was necessary. She screamed, naleza until the very end for me, nasazhivayas rather even, literally lavinias anus. From the actions of sladostrastnye I cried myself. I do not know someone who was at that moment... My cock was clenched tight ring of the anus, rectum girls declined, causing me hysterical fit of passion.
We finished at the same time. While I, reeling from the experience, was putting on his clothes, the girl, as if nothing had happened, jumped up and wrapped themselves dress, wrapped my neck with his hands: "You all right, dear, Yes? I was just wonderful. By the way, my name is Lena, and you are Roma, right?"
- Yes, my cat, exactly.
Katya rose and walked to us.
- Well, let's go check on our dog Shurik. He must be starving.
Lena went first, followed by another girl, and Katya. Walked around the building, we were on the lawn, covered with yellow flowers. Katya slipped off her dress and threw it aside. Her nudity blinded me, so her body was beautiful: half round white ass, long slender legs, starting from a fairly large thighs and ending on a magnificent fingers, but the interesting thing was between her legs - juicy, plump vagina, covered with dense soft hairs that covered her dignity.
Caterina village of the grass and put his hands up. "Shura, Shura, it's your slave! Come to me, my sweet!". - She shouted a few times, and out of nowhere this healthy shaggy dog, happily VILAVI tail. Kate leaned back, showing us their angelic Breasts. The dog ran up to her and shoved her face between my legs. She laughed and spread her legs. The dog began licking her pussy, fingering its sharp muzzle her lips, thereby causing laughter. Here Lena came up to me said," Go and help the dog Kate then you will pay back with good.". I approached the dog from behind and pushed him forward. He put his arm around Kate's abdomen and began to pump his piston in her pussy. I pushed the dog ass and tried to control his red hot member Kate into the vulva. Finally, Shura walked into Kate and began to fuck her the whole length of his short, but sharp member. When the pissing dog approached the vagina, I pushed the dog and thereby helped him to enter into Katya. Meanwhile she fingered my nipples, twisted them, pulling, crumpling his chest, then pulling her up to the side. She sighed wearily, squealed when a member Shurika was part of it, and even howled. Soon the dog whined and twitched hysterically. From his gun spilled tart, sticky dog cum.
The dog of tears with Kati ran over to the bottom, to the pier. I'm looking at Katya, was Horny and decided to fuck her. She, too, was dissatisfied and wanted more sex. I quickly took off his clothes and jumped on her like an enraged beast. My piston is quickly moved to her vagina and began to confidently Wade into the depths. I grabbed her by the shoulders and began to fuck her quickly. My head is strongly rubbed against her charm, causing me to moan. Katya downright screamed. She was so tense, but still was in preorgasmic condition. Suddenly she twitched, and began podmahivat me ass. The orgasm engulfed the whole body, and she arched like a Panther, his big bulging chest. At this time, last time I knocked a member of the about her uterus and is discharged. She screamed and tugged at his feet, then sagged.
A cry from the house made us stand up and look around. In the distance stood my uncle. I immediately blushed and embarrassed of his nakedness. But realized and gave me clothes. I hurriedly put on the pants and swung his uncle's hand, to which he said something, I didn't catch that, and so invited all to come in the house. Kate put on a Bathrobe and went first. After her I went with Lena and another girl, which, incidentally was the name of Anya. Five minutes later we were already at home working for what: I was typing on my laptop, Katya was cooking dinner, and Anna and Lena were busy in the garden. Time ran quickly, and on the dial hands big clock showed eight in the evening.
- Today will be a disco in the club, would you go?
- Yes, but I didn't know. I need something to wear decently, I don't know your fashion.
- Don't worry, we do not have any fashion, just wear what more room and worse, and something else will beat you, you're a stranger.
- Don't worry about me, I have a black belt in karate so I can protect myself and you if need be.
- And you, I see everything can you?
- That's life, as a child I did not like - I mean my peers.
- And now?
- I don't know.
Okay, I will not pester you. Better tell me what is best to wear.
- I think you'll be good to go dark crimson jacket and black tights.
- No, I'm not a prostitute, but like to dress openly. I better put these fishnet stockings, black panties and the shirt.
- Is this Mike? She's like a fishing net, you'll be naked!
- Why, I still wear a suit.
- Dark crimson?
- No, maroon.
Well, then I'll dress up too easy.
I approached white summer trousers and a cream shirt.
So, we were ready. It remains only to call friends.
Kate went to a nearby building to call girls. I took some money out of his wallet, by the way scored enough money. Of course, the city passed a sufficiently large number of entertainment programs, including dance, so I'm used to urban luxury.
- And we are ready. - Sounded a thin voice.
I quickly perfumed and ran outside. Before me stood four tall girls of extraordinary beauty, not like those farmers. Katya I learned, but others not. One of the girls was dressed in a short white skirt, tight shirt, outstanding that she was not wearing a bra, her long wavy hair was dyed in three colors: black, white and fiery red. The other was the complete opposite: promiscuity skinny jeans and denim shirt, her brightly painted lips in harmony with the dazzling black as pitch, hair. The third was not like any of them: white hair collected in two braids and dyed in the end in pink color, very dark eyes, crimson lips and fancy clothes - black heart stockings and a translucent robe, just covering her hips.
I couldn't utter a word and stood with his mouth open.
- Well, go? - Said Katya.
- Yes, I'm ready, let's go.

We crossed a small lawn and ended up on a paved country road. Behind the front were young boys girls and adults - from men to old geezers who loved to escape from home confinement and drink some moonshine somewhere under the mountain ash with their friends. We walked fairly quickly, and so soon came to the destination. It was a large dome-shaped building, enclosed by a fence of barbed wire. Beside him stood a large number of cars, people were walking. Near the entrance were stalls of ice cream and drinks, and there was a large pavilion. We went to this pavilion. I was surprised at the selection of spirits and varied food, the impression as if this is not some village, and entertainment center! Kate took two bottles of Amaretto and beer, I ordered nuts and fishnet red oranges - these oranges, I have never seen. The other girls chose the wine. Picked up the white painted, black - now I knew her, it was Lena - red, and the third - her name was Rosa took light wine of quince. Girls put everything in a brown bag and walked over to us with Katya.
- Well, shall we go. We bought everything.
- Yes, gone, and now begins.
And indeed, just a few minutes we heard loud dance music and forced us to hurry. I finished the last glass of wine and, already quite drunk as well, and my girls, went to the clubhouse. I immediately wanted to dance, but the girls dragged him off somewhere. It was the center of the club. In the middle were tables behind them sat all: from kids to elders. Kate walked over to one boy and whispered something. He nodded his head and somewhere ran. Then rose hugged me around the neck and began to kiss me, her tongue licked his chin and again my mouth. I hugged her ass and strongly pressed to his. Kate saw and approached us. I thought she was offended, then she hugged the two of us hugged and spun to the music. The other girls have laid out the remnants of our meal on the table, poured the wine and sat down to wait.
In the end, I who taught him to all the girls. The time was nearing one o'clock, and we're not tired and continued to kiss each other. But one girl - Lena - broke down and took my cock. Nobody paid attention, which surprised me. Lena licked his penis and took it all in his mouth. Burned me, and I saw that my cock was already up and Lena sucks on it zealously. I finished quickly, the Gulf of her face with streams of white flows of sperm. I don't know.
I woke up late to discover that miss the bus. Brushing your teeth and hastily drinking a glass of milk, I got dressed. Girls for some reason were not, and had to go look. But all my attempts to find them have remained futile, so I left them a note with your phone number, in the hope that someone would call me.
I got to the stop quickly, I hitched a ride with my uncle, and, fortunately, not late.
Soon the bus came, and I rushed with the other passengers to his home town, where I waited for my favorite.
As soon as I opened the door to her office, the phone rang. I picked up the phone and froze in place - it was Katya... Well, this is the following story.
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