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Default The first time with a dog [Animal sex Real Story]

Not so long ago, having read your narrations, I have made the decision to make as if has happened to me how soon I was still absolutely innocent. In own 18 years I had longish yellowish hair, a fine press and a hard stern. Almost all men ran because of me, however whether it is authorized to rely them? The person at whom the uvula doesn't adhere because of teeth in any way will suddenly get and in weeks me to believe all will become more closely a whore.

I lived with mother and the father in a two-room living space. Though the apartment not large, however everything has been made with taste. I was absolutely happy to own room as earlier we lived in a one-room living space. Visited ancestors expected while I will fall asleep to have sex. I gave as the father molchok, without hurrying in any way thrusts into me own писю. Probably absolutely concerned me as I was still a virgin and I didn't know all subtleties in any way.

Once the father has gone for a week to business trip, so as if buildings we with mother were together. We lay on a bed and looked a TV set.

Suddenly mother learns: "Ania you are a maiden?" - I was constantly strained by these voprosets.

"Naturally, there will be enough mothers nonsense to demand." - soon, in lack of a halt I have given the answer.

"Well I delay because of you, you as at us the father only." - with kindness mother has given the answer.

In compliance with a TV set have begun to show advertizing of shopping center of dogs and I to distract interest of mother of a source to beg her to buy to me a dog. Actually I long since wished a dog, however from-because of a malekhanky living space we had no opportunity to ourselves her in any way to permit. However nowadays mother elementary had no opportunity to me her in any way not to get in any way. I a source to ask her, and in an hour of entreaty she has given in. We have gone with mother to pet-shop and have bought a dog, breed the German sheep-dog. We have christened him Jack.

Has passed it is sensitive not in such measure of year, from an episode of acquisition of Jack. I was absolutely happy as if I had had a real friend. There was a summer, I have passed all examinations and the beginnings to search of elite institute. Mother with the father have gone for a month to the village, so as if we with Jack have remained buildings together.

Sonorous a layanye I have awakened me - probably there was Jack. I have dressed white swimming trunks, have got up and is vulgar in a shower. I have soaped myself, in all places, хорошенечко soap and have washed away is sensitive warm water as if including my tits began to lubenet. Having left a bathtub I have put on a miniskirt and not heavy t-shirt. Jack it is more closely given I expected me near a door. We left the building and have gone to park. After that I have seen as if Jack has begun to find enthusiasm to knots. After walk I have fed Jack and is vulgar to look a TV set. Jack has arrived to me and has jumped on a sofa. Suddenly I have guessed sharp strange aroma which has more closely begun to cut to pieces to me an eye. I have urgently taken away Jack in a bathroom and have soaped пузико. Suddenly I has seen as if at him starts as if to rise between legs. Probably there was a member.

I never contemplated the member of a dog in any way and have made the decision, to have a look
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