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Default Sex story: Horse and army friend. Part 3

Slowly I began to objectsa with village life.

In the pasture I was a frequent visitor, I especially liked the time with Caesar conduct.

We found a common language. He allowed me to even be in the herd. I freely went into the pen, stroked his sleek sides, each time admiring its huge eggs, and sometimes the giant showed me his cock. I from it was crazy. And the village noticed our communication, especially uncle Vova often looked in our direction when we spoke.

Caesar even walked with me. We took him out of the herd. I walked a little behind and was admiring his body, and he was watching me with his big dark eyes. I came off the earrings with a Bear. Such sexual activity have had, and the more I have sex, the more power I was adding as if I was fed from some source. And sometimes in the evening when it was getting dark, and I remained in the pasture, Caesar allowed himself to masturbate, and I was shaking from excitement when I was washed over with a jet of hot horse sperm.And still noticed rural that Caesar was the submissive in the sense of fillies, in any case of failures he had, especially when I was present.

So the shepherds, to some extent I was even more pleased. Well, in the end, I decided the rest of vacation to spend with each guest. We drank samogonochku Yes sex crazy engaged.

And then, one day, when everyone was eating dinner, father Mishkin said.

- Hey, Andrew, here's the thing, I remember a neighbor's filly, well, that Caesar from the herd kicked?

– Well remember.

– Well, what are we going to get neighbor requests. Says let Andrei try!

– And I do with it? – tried to evade me.

– Oh Julia, and so everyone can see that you get along with Caesar. Well, let's try, come on!

Well, in short, he persuaded me. Yes, I basically didn't resist much. Well I could not to repay these people ungrateful. We agreed thus: I Caesar will result in an Apple orchard – he's near the pasture was , and the neighbor uncle Vova will lead the Mare back. There was a large barn and a yard wide. That's where we had them. Guys went to the shed and I was left with Caesar, trying to persuade him. To be honest, just to heighten the look. I just stood there, stroking Caesar's, and talked with him as usual with our trips.But slowly I began to get excited, catching a barely noticeable scent of the filly, and a member of the standing I have not a child. For some time I even forgot that shed must be looking at us, and began to stroke the horse on the sides closer to his treasure, which immediately responded to my touch. From the bag he began to crawl, standing up and straining horse fuck. I held out my hand and touched the familiar batons. Caesar flinched, and at the same moment I felt you hold me hands and me pressed against someone's body. Her ass I felt an intense male member.Then kissed me in the neck, and two hands stroking her thighs, touching the crotch.

I was stunned. Then I pulled down his pants, and hot lips touched the tip of my penis, and at the same time, flew Mike, someone stripped. Eyes I haven't opened it, afraid to spook it down. A hot tongue was doing wonders with my penis and testicles. I was shaking with excitement, and behind the tongue of another of the adversary slow down the spine to my ass.

Licking both halves of the tongue were stuck between the buttocks, searching for the treasured hole. I almost bent down, burying her forehead in the side of the horse, and feeling him fucking started off this bludgeon, resting it in the stomach. And at the bottom was something indescribable happening. I literally fucked tongues and four hands were still stroking my body. I finally opened my eyes. Ahead of squatting under the horse sat uncle Vova and furiously sucked my cock, moving to my testicles, and behind his neighbor fucked me in the ass tongue. Unexpectedly.

Caesar jerked, and I realized that he would soon cum.

Myself all overexcited, I began to violently finish in her mouth Mishkin father, and the horse we were covered with hot sperm. Then I kissed them both passionately, licking horse cum and stretching their Dicks in hand. But when I touched the cock of Peter, a neighbor uncle Vova, I just ohrenel. In his hands I've never held such men's clubs. In thickness it competed with horseradish Caesar, however, was smaller in length. In the mouth I was placed only one head.

I immediately sat down on his knees and removed his pants. Such eggs I never saw.

Of course, I tried to give pleasure to both, but uncle Vova came almost immediately, but Peter pulled away.

– Is something wrong? – I asked.

– No, I won't come.

He tied the Mare to the fence, brought from the shed the bench, put her behind the Mare and began stroking her crotch.

I realized that he was going to do, and the thought of me stood my animal. Approaching Peter, I began to help you stroke the filly and at the same time nadrachivat his cock. He stood up on the bench, and it turned out to be hell on a par with fuck horses, but looking at me he asked:

– Want to try first?

I shuddered from excitement. Dick wrung from prilissa blood. Peter tears, freeing me. I hesitantly climbed up on the bench.

Don't worry, it's familiar. He said, stroking my buttocks, massaging me the ring of the anus and pressing down on him.

I inserted my cock and froze, hugging the filly flanks. The feeling was indescribable! There was hot and spacious, and the filly doused my eggs with hot urine, what I'm even more excited and rhythmically moved her ass, the First time I like a real horse, fucked desirable me the Mare.

A hot hand was stroking my ass. I grabbed the thigh filly, feeling that soon I finish, and started to drive with all the fluff shit. I just shuddered from the ensuing orgasm and my ass stuck a finger of Peter. Performing there is something indescribable that brought me an extra buzz. I collapsed on the ass of the filly, then got off the bench, giving way to Peter. He ruthlessly thrust his cock and started to fuck the Mare, grasping her by the hips, and uncle Vova, meanwhile, also climbed on the bench and dabbed at Peter with his dick.

I went into this composition and licking their testicles. Uncle Vova had finished, but Peter still could not calm down. I, meanwhile, have again risen member and stood as a soldier. I quickly climbed onto the bench and immediately put Peter in the ass. He already stopped. And then I began to fuck out with all his strength as he could. And it was not clear who Fucks Mare: him or me. I push pressed it into the horse's pussy. How long it lasted, don't remember. I just remember Peter suddenly growled, and my cock beginning to grasp tightly in his ass why I also began to cum, driving my dick deeper and deeper.In exhaustion, we stopped.

The forces lacked anything, only kissing. We went into the barn and kissed and talked. There I learned that Peter had no wife, and it is clear why. And Serge was his adopted son. Uncle Vova once caught a neighbor with a pony. Since then, they had fun together. And I like that time with the Bear uncle Vova saw, when we, forgetting everything, and they fucked with Peter came up with this plan. But I didn't care. Although I was in shock from thought that I was having sex with sons and fathers.

But why was that? He lasted the whole week before my departure. And at last we, saying goodbye, have sat, have drunk vodka and when remained five together: I uncle Vova, the neighbour and their sons, I got up, walked over and kissed each passionately. They stand dumbfounded, looking at me and not moving ....

Well, then you can guess or you tell?


And what could they say? And I so wanted them to leave together.

I knelt down, unzipped his fly on trousers of Seregi and, having closed eyes, took in his mouth the bulging head. Whether that will be! – I decided.

When I opened them, I saw that everyone got their members and frankly they jerked off, and, you see, was jealous of sting because he was in a better position than they are.

– Well shy? I said. – Go to your room!

They stood in the middle of the room. Well, so be it. I thought, approaching the foursome members.

I started with a neighbor, licking his head and trying to push him deeper sticking giant. And next swayed three fucking different caliber, podrachivaya their masters.

Breaking away from the neighbor's cock, I took in her mouth Mishkin, your fingers caressed the crotch standing. And then passed from one member to another, trying to deprive no one of his oral attention. It was just some kind of insanity. Of such number of members I was not myself. My dick stood stake, it ached with excitement. I felt like overflowing with cum my testicles. Finished in the queue for about five minutes, whereupon I was all in sperm and being completely unsatisfied.The first is to understand uncle Vova and began to kiss me and lick the cum off my face, sinking lower.

I winced when he took in his mouth my cock, grabbed the hand of the first comer, it was the Bear, and began to kiss him passionately. The remaining savedas, too, began to caress me, to lick and to swallow my cock. Of so many reeds, walking on my body, I was shaking and excited even more. I came violently and I don't remember anyone in the mouth, and it does not matter it was. Importantly, have all experienced some kind of a special thrill.

Fuck did not want to, if only to continue this oral marathon. Others just didn't mind, and we in turn, as getting someone's member, sucked on the full program, making themselves excited, and starts all over again. This lasted two hours, and then we, exhausted, all in sperm and her mouth fell asleep, interlacing bodies collapsed on the bed. I fell asleep last, rejoicing that after my departure, the four of them will have something to do with sleepless nights. And in the morning they accompanied me with sadness in his eyes. Yes and I'm not happy.I would love to stay here.

Well, okay, it's not the last vacation.

I atlasgal from the station the four of them accompanied me.

I nearly cried where am I now find myself so many charming partners. We drove a field suddenly the bus stopped the driver was obviously something excited.

We got off the bus

– The devil (not pamucak detail on the wheel is called) fly-wheel was standing slightly sideways.

The driver caught the car and went for a spare and the passengers dispersed who sunbathe who remained in the bus.

And then I saw Caesar close to the bushes he looked at me as if seeing.

I have a moment stood up and I went to see him took him away into the woods and embraced by the face he nozzles in my chest.

– So you did the sorcerer – he looked into my eyes and his cock bobbed tense and ready to fight.

I undressed knowing already how this will end and held at his club, she slapped him in the stomach.

Then I lost my mind because I had never sucked spent language on a trunk licked Golovko microval have these huge balls that with every minute, accumulating in itself the tight of hot sperm I couldn't even do a fuck my standing and I have two hands hugged the horse club sucked and licked her, and Caesar moved croup and bellow nozzles.

The person I spurted cum so abundantly and Caesar is not finished I took his cock which was only touching as he began to shoot one shot of sperm after another.

And Caesar still finished we Finished together

I fell on the grass in exhaustion and turned his head to the side and saw in the bushes sneakers suddenly turned and ran but I didn't care already.

I took Caesar to the river to wash him and yourself

Then we stood together and I found the strength and drove him.

Got dressed and trudged to the bus driver stood nervous is waiting for me I sat down and was sitting next to the guy before I drove one.

Finally we went

– and you to where you're going – I asked the guy

– the city of N – I said, and saw in his eyes a familiar sparkle and interest.

And I – he said

I went over to the bag and looked at the feet of the boy in TPM had friends sneakers.

– Your name-

– Andrew

– Well namesake to remember is not necessary – I said.

I felt his hand on my cock.

And realized that the destiny is favourable to me

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