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Default Sex story: Country heat or four-legged friend and uncle Peter

Nellie was a diligent 11-year-old girl. Being attractive brown-haired woman she had success with the greenhorns from her 6th grade. She was a good student, pleasing mom fives. Now the whole family in the country. Is hot June day. Nelly plays with her beloved dog Blake.

- And carry it well Blake! The girl threw the stick into the clearing with all his strength, causing strong calves tensed, and beautiful brown wlosy for a moment took off and the dark waterfall fell on the slender girl's back, blowing the warm breeze, and the hem of the blue dress rode up slightly, revealing a young hip and pink panties. This moment had noticed uncle Peter, calling, at this point in the house. He squinted slyly, intrigued by the involuntary Striptease occurring in 6 meters from him. The girl was busy playing with the dog, but being in the house a new men – dad's friend intrigued her.

– Look for a stick, Blake! The beloved shepherd has once again ran over a stick, enjoying the attention of young mistress.

Now when Blake was again close, the girl played the dog, making a swing she threw the stick at his feet.

– Blake ready to run was really surprised.

– A silly, happy she was drawing, but instead palko dog suddenly began to lick the girl's legs, slobbering rough tongue rhythmically he licked her knees and hips.

Oh Blake, that tickles, that tickles: But Nell'alpi his affection liked, because she was so fond of his collie.

– Get off, sluggishly resisting she said when the head of the dog disappeared under the skirt, and the dog began unceremoniously to wield a tongue between your legs Nellichka. Blake could smell the young girl's body hidden under the thin panties.

Oh, how nice: Nelia didn't understand why she's so fond of the feeling, but it was such an extraordinary excitement at the bottom:

Impudent dog began to poke his nose Nelyu having tumbled down her on the lawn, the grass gently tickled the bare feet, and the dog continued to lick her panties, more and more incensed he began to touch his nose to the gum and a couple of times to pick up their Blake noticed onlinenow the gap girls. Nell started moaning, she was lying on the lawn on the back with knees bent feet between them were arrogant face of Blake, covered by the hem of the blue dress.

– In the mind of Nellie spun:

– Well that mom and dad no, they're for food drove away, but in the house of uncle Peter he can see!!

Panties were wet and sovsem perevozbudilsya the dog see the translucent cleft girls.

– What game is it?

Suddenly rang out from the porch.

Oh, Nelia began nervously to ward off the dog. After all, uncle Peter saw everything!!

– We're just:

– Okay yourselves. Girl interrupted Peter. I'm the douche going to take. He said with a sly eyes blazing on the bare thigh of the girl.

Shower was on the site. Nelia with interest spent look uncle Peter. In General he loved her. Tall and muscular. She had heard about the story of lolita but the giggling of his thoughts came to the conclusion:

I'm still small. Yes still want. But he's so cool. Waters would see him naked. What? That's the idea. She stripped from herself Horny dog quietly crept to the soul. On the side was a small outbuilding in coorabie the slit is allowed to watch. The girl sat down furtively, used to preview was downstairs, and was astonished at what she discovered. There was a noise from the water, uncle Peter sponge was namelabel his chest, he stood sideways, with the movement of powerful muscles strained and press and oblique muscles on the ribs were even more prominent.

– Yeah that's it! The girl involuntarily put out his hand between his legs and began lightly RUB the crotch. The excitement was growing. She settled back on all fours, leaning his face to the gap.

Uncle Peter smug napeva yourself kakueto song started povorachivaetsya and here it is: thick, slightly bloated, hanging cock was before her eyes. The girl was beside herself with nervousness. Not controlling the action, she reached into her panties and began to RUB her fingers bare crack.

Blake crept up from behind, he also was not satisfied. dog brazenly climbed tongue under the hem.

– Oh, Blake! Lick me: Sear dying with lust a girl.

She helped him lower on the hips panties: hem was bullied and the result was this picture: 11-year old girl on all fours with a Horny grimace exposes bare ass under the tongue distraught shepherd.

The dog poked his nose in the crevice delicate pink Bud, which caused Nelly sweet experiences. Furiously velilyaeva her.

On should pay for everything. Suddenly the dog stopped licking and jumped up front paws on the girl's back, between his legs seemed red member of major shepherd.

– Oh get off you fool! What!!

Dog breathing quickly slid the wet cock along the smooth tender ass and silky thighs, trying to insert dog cock in deep girl pussy. However, slipping the dick Blake, passing between two strong plowing, landed in the ass Nellichka.

Oh! In surprise she cried. It hurt a little bit and cock and ass was already well lubricated, the desire was strong! Looking for washable Peter she felt frictions mad dog beating on her silky ass, his cock sliding inside her body, Nel broke a frenzied orgasm. She was shaken by the convulsions of the first powerful pleasure. Onanism later in her bed did not give half that high. Slightly breathless she sat up, letting the dog down. Legs down dripping wet. Began to grow dark. Mother call everyone to dinner.Dad and uncle Peter sat at the table and animatedly discussing the latest football as Spartak lost CSKA. And yet they just got lucky. Fashin Dad. In a small cozy country kitchenette under abazhurom started dinner. Nellichka came when everyone gathered and began to impose pilaf. She dressed up as pretentious. Tube top with lace, denim shorts with broccali. white socks... she's blushing slightly sat down at the table.

– So vyrazilas? Unceremoniously the father asked.

– Just..

– Volodya pretani to embarrass the child. cried her mother. Nelka we have a beautiful. The mother stroked the girl's head. Nelia noticed coat, uncle Peter. Suddenly Peter touched the knife and dropped it. stooping in semi-darkness under the table, he examined the girl's legs and feet. Flashed crazy thoughts that however he drove away. Mother babbled some nonsense about this and that... And Nelia blushed falling under hypnotic grey eyes, handsome uncle Petit. After supper mother put the guest down across from Nellie. Finally all dispersed. Two hours had passed and Peter was already asleep when I decided to go out and the street.A strong desire to smoke destroyed a sleepy bliss. He left the house. Smelled the fresh night air. Suddenly in the corner on veranda he saw Nel sitting clasping the Knees.

– Nel what are you doing here? Huh?

– I'm just looking at the stars. She raised her eyes which were tears.

Are you crying? What's wrong with you?

You you you uncle Peter.. and this girl started crying. She rested in his shoulder.

Calm down dear...

You've been very nravits... Forced a tearful girl...

Hush hush... you'll Wake up the parents. – Suspected it an interesting adventure.

– You so big and cool I am to you a little.. she Cried..

– He hugged her and began gently kissing whispering in your ear different amenities. In five minutes such placanja to the vest, he felt that a member in shorts filled with blood and forces.

He picked up a girl in nightie and as the mist carried her to the barn. Sit on the table in front of him he continued to reassure her. But the hysteria persisted.

– Well, you're older, you know what the guys behind you will run! – He stroked the girl.

And I don't need them! I want you!! She burst into tears.

Well, everything... He got a hand under the hem of her nightie, grasped her silky thighs, and began to massage them. the Girl closed her eyes, began to breathe. HE kissed Nel lifted her nightie exposing in the twilight malakim white panties with a bow. Slim hips, flat tummy and alluring barrier between her firm thighs.

He gently kissed the girl and plugged her mouth with a passionate kiss pulled the panties down. She instinctively tried to stop him, but his soft hands suddenly acquired determination, and he pulled down the panties. Twilight was vidalas maiden slit.

He began to RUB her kissing a girl on the lips. Nell stopped resisting removing his hands.

Smooth pussy began to flow. He decided that anaesthesia is sufficient, the girl is of course touching, but a rite of passage in women not to do. Peter lowered his briefs which seemed hard cock.

– Apart legs Nellichka he kissing her lips pressed top member on razrezik. Carnivorous head as if a predator penetrated between the folds, Nelly tried to remove the beloved Pete but it was too late as red as cancer uperevshis hands he jerked his pelvis, with the power forward, plunging the stone cock into the hot flesh of baby vagina.

– Tears and amazement in front of Nellie. But Peter Persistently digging pussy Schoolgirls, feeling like head massages unceremoniously the insides of girls. Grease was enough and now he was coming-rails. here and there.

She helplessly bent legs turning to my uncle Pete. Still strong friction and squeezing the young breast, he began to pull, squeezing in wet slit cock almost to the base. Cum tight geyser was struck in the guts grades. He took out a member took Nelly to hands and then long comforted this bubbly girl became a woman. Nellichka has known true love. Not such as in youth videos. And deep, with moans and slurping and the energy of an adult male.

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