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Default Sex story: an Unusual kennel club

What child doesn't love animals, every child in a frenzy for hours begging my parents to buy him a dog. I am no exception, in my childhood I had a Labrador Max, he died when I was 16, I've been sad, even had a funeral. My parents saw that my grief gave me for my 17th birthday puppy of the same breed. My new friend Labrador I named after my first dog. I so loved him, that sad memories of the recent death of a pet has worn off, Max gave me a lot of love and affection. Love walking with him, for several hours roaming the streets.My history of Dating is new to me sexual feelings began with one meeting, one evening on a walk I ran into my classmate Valya, as I am strolling their Pets on two leashes she kept an Irish wolfhound and spotted dog, the dog was well behaved and obeyed the slightest word Wali. We stopped and despite the fact that the school communicated very rarely talked like old friends, mainly about our animals. After this walk together we regularly walked our dogs.Once during one of my walks, Valya asked me whether we knit max:

- You know, Tanya, sex for animals and for people, and is a mockery on the part of the owners to restrict the sexual life of the dog, sex is a natural need like food and water.

Before I thought about it, but the question really intrigued me. I replied that Val is right, but how to satisfy their needs, because sometimes you don't lead a bitch?

My new friend said that there are many ways to meet a dog:

You know, if you're really interested in this question come to me tomorrow, I will share some of the materials we have in the kennel club lot of what is taught, come back tomorrow at six in the evening.

Question really interested me, when I got home I thought about it and agreed with the Wali that the dogs just want sex for a normal life. Looking in Internet I found only a lot of stories about bestiality, I read in zahleb, I'm not a fan of porn and pornorussian, but this topic really made me wild with desire he couldn't resist even touched my pants. Even found a manual on sex with a dog after swallowing it felt a strong shudder, the thought pulsed in my head, and panuska flowed like Niagara falls.I continued to vigorously RUB the Clit and flicking through photos intercourse of women with dogs. What dogs have big cocks, my boyfriend is not small, but some dogs are just super giants. Continuing to masturbate the clitoris is not noticed as in walked Max, he was attracted by the smell of my vagina came my pet started to lick my leg trying to climb face between her legs. I drove it, then thought, what member of the max:

Leaving the Internet, I slid to the floor to my baby, in my head came a thought, it's been a year and he did not know what sex is. The manual said that it is necessary to gently massage the pouch, I missed the hand back between his legs and began to slowly squeeze and podrachivat his penis. She tilted her head, I watched with interest what will happen next, Max looked at me in surprise, I felt his penis harden inside the bag. Pulling harder, the skin I saw a bright red sharp end. At the base began to inflate the balloon, Max bent his back and began to make frictions.I pushed the skin, my eyes appeared a rather large dog cock. The onion was not of large size, as I saw in pictures online, but dick was thick and long. My boyfriend and I don't like to do Blowjob, always avoid it, but at that moment I wanted nothing more than to put it in my mouth and suck, suck until he comes. Overcoming a moment of confusion I directed his cock in my mouth, I was excited by the fact that the hostess sucks dick of his dog, meets his needs. I shivered uncontrollably, my face and lips were burning.Member was almost without smell, taste and as such I felt, a little salty and all. With different techniques of Blowjob I don't know, just suck on this big, red cock my pet. He again began thrusting, deeper trying to shove his penis down my throat. Having tired a bit of the neck I took time off caressing tongue on his stupid head. I so wanted to taste his sperm again and I actively began to suck. And so the jet hit my throat, I stopped to taste slightly salty fluid, very liquid and colorless, I spat on the palm of interest.Of penis again and again escaped a trickle. But since the manual warned that it is not the sperm, and the grease still hard I started to suck the cock, swallow the secretions. And so Max began more rhythm to do fiction and whimpering, my mouth was filled with cum, free hand I grabbed his polushko that the clitoris was burning, lips were burning, I was shaking, I barely had time to swallow sperm, it was too much. At this moment, I shook the strongest orgasm, I released member of his mouth along with the scream from my lips and drip the remains of a dog's sperm.Buzz: I was in the seventh heaven, following the advice of the benefits I jumped and took my boy by the head, shoved his nose between my feet. This, according to the author of one article was to help the dog to remember my smell and its relationship to orgasm.

Plopping down in bed I could not to think about anything, in my head it was, Max looked at me with those eyes. My whole shirt would be soaked with cum my dear dog. I threw her in the car while she went into the shower. What do I do? How to live? I'm a Perv? With these thoughts I fell asleep, hoping to find out tomorrow, especially since Val had promised to say something about removing the sexual tension dog. Maybe there are other ways.

The next day at six o'clock, as agreed, I came to Vale. She met me in a short robe, her favorites REM and the Lord licked my hands. A conversation ensued at ease, about everything and about itself to raise yesterday's topic, I did not want to, afraid that I won't be able to hide his interest and excitement, thinking I was all tech. Val talked and talked about their dogs, what each character that they love. I willingly shared their experiences and talked about Max.

Once REM saved me from the bullies, he is always ready to throw himself over me to protect, – said Valya – dog is the most affectionate and unselfish creature in the world. I also want to do to my dog everything I care about them, I answer for it.

In that sermon I said the approval and also stated that I do everything for him. After these words I realized that Val was waiting for them, well, that must now begin, I thought.

– Remember I said yesterday that the dogs also have a need for sex, so it should be removed otherwise they will become aggressive and it is not ethical to confine the animal, because if we didn't feed our Pets, this would be called sadism, so why do we have to suffer.

– I agree with you, – said I, – but to find a bitch for mating every month is difficult and almost impossible, what to do?

– Only one way: – said Val, you may be shocked by my words, but it is the duty of the hostess. Can't find the bitch, do it yourself.

– What to do, is ask the question and understand what it was about, – I do not understand:

And it's not for everybody, let me show you something, I said Val with the calmness of an English Butler.

We went to the computer, I immediately remembered his last adventure, pussy aching. My new friend plopped down in the chair and began clicking the mouse. Open the folder called PETS FOTO, Val squinted and looked at me – if not close the topic, you just say, ' said my girlfriend. I nodded.

On the screen appeared pictures of girls sucking big red members dogs who are side, back, some podesili under their favorites. One girl dog furiously, cum in mouth, cum flowed on her cheeks. I already could not stand, it drove like nothing else. Next came pictures direct sex. Girl standing on all fours, and the dogs were shoved in their pussy a member. After vaginal sex anal started fucking, I was surprised, looking at the way in butt girls put in these clubs.Clicking on the following icon Val launched a movie, quickly wasted and before my eyes appeared a scene where Val stands on all fours on the couch, and she tries to jump her dog REM, he does it quickly, and added a waist hugging paws, dressed in funny socks starts to make frictions, in the picture there are two girl trying to help the dog, he also caving in and embraced the priest is trying to take his cock. His Wiener while only shown from the bag, but with each thrust becomes greater.And here he was much pressed to the hostess and the girl's face it is clear that REM has driven his friend to pussy housewife. I started to tremble. Briefs are soaked through, so wanted sex.

– You see, as I am now, interrupted my thoughts of Faith.

I sat in the chair, the video I just captured on the screen of my new friend was struggling as deeply as possible enjoy for a member my dog, sometimes he jumped, and the girl helped the dog to hit the target. He swerved the arc, its sharp end is probably rammed the uterus, Val groaned, her voice every minute mounted, the member has almost never left it, behind the scenes I heard voices of girls: – all planted, the node started to swell up, need help valcke. Laughing girls took to rubbing the clitoris and caress his chest, not forgetting to hold the dog. I, in turn, as hard nadrachivat polushko.

– Oh, girls, cumming, stammered Val, Yes:

The dog loomed over the girl and he stopped, cock fully remained in the vagina, the operator moved down and beheld a picture of the castle. Sponge Paddles tightly grabbed the cock of dog. In the frame flashed the handle of one of the girls nadrachivaya the clitoris girlfriend.

Dog without hesitation jumped off of the mistress and turned to her ass, Val screamed. Girl is holding it. The operator focused on the space between lovers, I spent about five minutes, nothing has changed, you have three minutes and that the member with a smacking sound came out of nastroennoy pussy Valya.There shone just a hole, his bulb was just huge. At this point, with a groan I came, at that moment I heard Val calling me from the next room.

I stood, though his legs gave way. Upon entering the room I found my friend under its dog with a dick in her mouth. Ceasing to suck she looked at me and smiled: – here is the answer to your question, we need to satisfy them, we bitch, we them the holes and they have every right to fuck said my friend.

– You want to leave or watch the rest of it? The door is open:

I'd like to see to the end, – said I, – what shall we do next.

– You are a bad girl, look me in the eye said Val, – come and look closer.

Val continued to suck cock the RAM, so selflessly and sexy that I wanted to join her, but I persevered. Near I examined in detail the phallus, the RAM, he was more than my max, especially his ball as it nestles in her pussy Valya, can drive you crazy.

(to be continued

If you like the story reviews in my Inbox boomer999@mail. EN.

Just waiting for your revelations from sex with your Pets, send everything: photo, too.
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