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Default Sex story: Lover of Horses

Hi all. You probably recognize me, I Hope decided to write you a new story and waiting for your opinions and sayings to send me to the address kissme80@rambler. EN will be waiting for your letters will answer every one. Also looking for friends and friends with the same interests to the dog well you know what I'm going to share tips, letters, stories, stories.

This story happened in the summer when the sun was hot so much I wanted to undress and fold my clothes. Marina was the name of our heroine was still a young girl in a small boring very thin long dark hair that was just below the shoulders and breast of the second size. She was just over 14 years and like all girls dreaming about the Prince was still a virgin and loved to masturbate under the covers when I went to bed. Liked to penetrate with a finger in his ass and rubbing her pussy.

She went to her grandmother in the village for summer vacation and had a great time went with my friends to discos, in bars and walking in the evening until late. She stood with a friend at her fence and talked past them ran the neighbor's dog - a huge Alabai (her future lover). They said goodbye and she went home on the street. She wanted badly to the toilet to pee. She pulled the panties spread her legs and started to pee a thin stream, irrigating the earth under me.

She heard a rustle behind him and was terribly scared thinking it was someone talking and turned around. It was this neighbor's dog and watched as she writes. She began to stroke and continued to squeeze itself of urine. The dog was lasitsa to her as she began to poke the muzzle in her crotch, the girl just drove it. The dog began to growl and harder to stick to her she was frightened and started squatting barely to go to the fence, trying not to startle the dog and that he didn't bite. In the fence Marina saw a hole and thought I'll climb and I'll be in the garden and quickly run home.She poked his head and torso in the hole and pop which was wider are unable to climb and Marina got stuck and ended up in the trap she tried to climb back but ran into nails and her tiny dress caught and she realized that standing motionless on all fours skirt became entangled in the nails, and Marina was afraid to pull so as not to break, she couldn't move not in the ass or in front. Caught in his own trap. She calmed down after hearing how the dog growled and began to approach her. Let's call a dog Baby. The baby drew a breath and began sniffing her crotch, her bulging ass.Marina tried to get out but it didn't work. The dog licked her foot with the inner part he ran his tongue over her thin white panties under which concealed her virgin pussy and ass. Marina stiffened in surprise but his tongue made her involuntarily relax. The dog began to lick her panties with a new force causing their makret eyes. Her pussy began to leak juices of love and panties could just squeeze. So well she never had it involuntarily arched her back, and was like a young bitch which employs over doggie.Little harder began to lick her through her panties naslajdat her helplessness and the girl closed their eyes and only tehniko was moaning softly and she was crazy about his language which revealed her panties. The girl wanted more she's stronger than spread your legs and outstretched hand back, I took off my panties revealing a Little access to her young virgin pussy. The baby as if waiting for it he began to lick at her pussy pushing her sexual language sponges and wetting anal hole with her saliva.Marina whimpered from the pleasure she stronger caved in and as widely as possible spread her legs so that her dog could better lick her pussy. Her pussy just flowed juices and nourishing Baby juices was so much that they thin trickle running down his thighs, forming a smooth tracks. Marina closed her eyes and enjoyed every minute of it, she couldn't move and was caught but she didn't run from the dog itself, but on the contrary became more excited and excited. She simply melted from his licking and quietly sighed and asked me not to stop but to continue faster and deeper.The kid with his rough tongue made her pussy madly into her in her secret depths stretching and moistening her, preparing for more. Baby prikratite to lick her and Marina begged him to continue. You should see her now, her friends wouldn't believe that they can ask the dog to continue to lick her pussy. The kid jumped at her as a bitch ready to mate with the male. Marina did not understand what he wants at first it was crazy. A Little while once comfortably settled on top of her and firmly tucked her paws.When Marina came to her senses it was too late she was trapped in a fence hole and then there's the dog clamped its not allowing poshevelit. She felt that her entrance into the cunt that ran it was very hot and thick. She realized that it was a dog's cock, she started to cry and tried to move his feet and stiffened not allowing it to penetrate into the Holy of holies in her virgin pussy. A member of the Baby fully came out and hung a big stick under the belly and the terror of its size. But for defloration little inexperienced girls, it was just awful.As such the club will be able to fit into her narrow little cunt, and another who is not exposed. Member really was beautiful full 30cm in length and 15cm thick in girth. It was red covered in wreaths and on the beveled end and with droplets of juice that was dripping from him, he was ready to get to the end in this bitch. Member began to slowly push in young pussy and Marina felt every millimeter that entered it and was not able to do anything.Her hymen could not stand the pressure and treacherously broke dick with force and speed flew into cm 10 in a young body from what Marina screamed and wanted to escape but the dog was holding her and realizing that he has no more obstacles began to move a member stringing the Marina on his thick and long phallus. The dog pushes the pelvis penetrating deeper and deeper into the young body Marina ceasing to cry, began to moan in time with his movements and he didn't waste any time and tried to fully put your penis in the Marina.The girl felt her body torn in two by his member penetrated 20 cm and it seemed to her that he already gets to the throat and just sobbed and squealed beneath him. She realized that while he wouldn't fuck her and not cum he doesn't let his bitch, and Marina was hurt. But her body demanded sex member went long stringing strikes her harder and pressed already on the inside.Marina decided to help the dog spread her legs and stretched stronger then cock almost completely into it from that Marina dropped her head on her elbow which was on the ground and enjoyed every movement of his cock in itself. Long, thick and full of juice cock is already fully immersed in her nanizyvat with one blow causing the girl to sob and mumble. Dick almost completely out and then all 30cm came in her pussy Marina one strong and long strike. Sex lips tightly around it when you return, and slightly twisted upon impact, delivering her a supper fun.Marina still stronger parted legs taking a cock whole without a trace. And the child increased the tempo driving the cock harder and harder into the depths of the vagina pushing the uterus against the little girl only wailed harder. The kid had it swoops naslajdat her uchastiu fucked her without mercy as the last bitch. She already lost track of time and just finished and ended gripping member with the muscles of the vagina.She asked me not to stop the dog and continue harder and harder to fuck her intuitive began to push my ass on his cock thus he began to enter deeper and stronger helped than and how could his dog lover. You should see her now mom thought she knew what her daughter was a bitch hungry for cock. Her thoughts were interrupted by the cry of this woman called the Little one home from the next house but the kid was not going to leave and only getting stronger he began to fuck her. Baby screaming woman come to me, my boy. And the baby began to bark as if calling her to him.Marina didn't know what to do she can now be caught during fuck with dog and she began to twitch. But the Kid didn't let go of her his cock began to grow and took the monstrous size Marina became stronger howl and the dog all nailed dick in her pussy burned like fire, my legs were shaking body was ripped to pieces from his blows. He pressed himself against her hard and his knot began to grow in young pussy expanding it to the limits Marinin logbook began to grow from the node, and was already the Marina was scared to look down. She came to the castle with the dog and uzeb never been able to escape from under him.The baby was moving a member in it and could not go outside her cunt tightly around his lower unit and nedaval out. And milked it vissible with him and asked for his sperm. The woman took a flashlight and calling the Baby came out from the door and went in the direction of girls. Marina realized that she was doomed. The baby began to cum burning her insides and fill her with his sperm. Sperm was a lot she thin trickle began to flow down monogam girls. The woman shone a light into the side of the dog and seeing that he who Fucks went up to him and said Oh bugger. What about your mommy.Coming closer she saw that it was not a bitch but what girl. Is already with him in the castle. Coming closer and highlighting the place of the pussy she realized it was her neighbor, maloletok Marina. The baby meanwhile pulled back and began to her ass and started barking when he saw the hostess. The woman walked over and stroked the dog sat down checked out the fortress of the castle and began to RUB the pubis Marina from which the girl just came again and barely stood on korachkah. You probably loved him the Woman said Marina zamatala head and could not speak. The woman went behind the camera and took a picture of the Marina in the node with the dog by saying you're his bitch now. And not only him. Member of the dog opal and with a squelch flew with pussy legs flowed sperm forming a puddle.

Elena was the name of the woman helped the girls freed from the trap and took her to his home. Going Marina felt on the legs with pussy dripping dog cum mixed with her juices and blood. Coming to Elena's home, she sat on the edge of a chair and didn't know what to do.How to go home the woman now knew her secret. Elena was a woman the age of 27, not married, lived alone and was too tofiloski with experience, seeing the girl she finally found yourself a girlfriend by having sex with her Pets. Elena threw the Bathrobe on which nothing nebylo went to the Marina and began eagerly to kiss her Marina reciprocated.She stripped the girl and they went to the thick carpet and started to caress one one. They lay in position 69 and licking pussies delivering insane fun one. Elena liked this young bitch is always ready to have sex. She stood up walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a double Dildo. He was a little less than the Baby but is also great at 28cm each, and plump. They both were on korecki priest to priest and Elena entered one end of a second broken-down pussy Marina and sharply against her ass all 28cm entered the bodies of the girls and they begin to wiggle tap the butts themselves were strung on a member.The room filled with cries of moans sighs and yelps. And the girls just stepped up the pace and speed, he twisted his hips and moved his penis. Marina began to cum forgetting obovsem barely rested his hands on the floor to avoid falling and felt like dvigaetsja cock in her bringing her crazy forcing her to cum again and again. Elena finished wanted anal sex. They both stood up and she led Marina to the toilet and gave her an enema, rinsing it, and they came into the room and began the most interesting stage of sex. Opening the door, entered the room, two dog two dog.Already trained to fuck and began to RUB near their bitches. Marina realized that she bitch today one of the dogs. Two waveski steel korecki and Elena called them each approached his bitch and began to lick them. Again, the Marina went into Nirvana from his tongue that was just inside of her drank her juice. Both bitches moaned from the licking strongly bent ichiraku spread legs. Dogs velisav bitches began to commemorate them by itself they have got their members which was just huge and got almost to the floor. Full 35cm each.Marina couldn't believe that he would fit or even be able to get into it. The dog already had Elena who moaned and screamed to the beat of a wild stroke of a member of PSA. Dog Marina established member in front of her anal in front of her small narrow holes and began to push her. Marina began to bottoms up she wanted to be fucked in the ass by the member. But Sarychev dog bit her neck and she calmed down realizing that she's a bitch for this dog. Elena was already screaming under the dog and Marina saw that the dog was digging her strong and long strokes.Fully stringing on his penis Elena simply gasped beneath him. Member of the dog got a little to push the ass of Marina and barely began to penetrate her she was very hurt because this club could not immediately penetrate into her anal hole. The dog was shoved cock ripping the ass of Marina tried faster and stronger to enter it. Marina moaned stronger was wholes and spread her legs as I could so his club could get into it. That helped a little cock immediately got on the cm 20 and sensing this, the dog began to Board up the member as soon as possible bringing the Marina to madness.Her walls tightly it was wrapped and compressed from all sides. But the dog was little, he tried to completely drive your dick into her like a pile of fucking her attacks she already howled in pain member of the proto tore her apart her anal burning from the friction of the gut was filled with his fat cock but he persistently cm cm hammered his rod. Elena is fully able to take his cock and was already moving to meet the blows and screamed like a bitch. Marina barely breathing was still 5 cm to the full taking her ass but she already couldn't take the dog wouldn't sdavalsa and all leapt at her and stabbed with renewed vigor.Marisha lost track of time, it was like each push, the back Marina was very tight and met a lot of resistance, however soon the ass was completely taken all 35cm of flesh Marina felt in his ass. She felt his groin pressed against her ass and realized that is completely taken. Vision washed eyes rolled out of their sockets from his tremors. She sobbed realizing what depth tucked the cock. All she was thinking how to get his huge cock deep in the ass. Fuck me cried the Marina dropped her face down on the ground and later lifted her ass, demanding his cock.Marina began to push my hips up and she was strung on his cock, his balls hit her cunt and she knew that he immersed himself completely. 35 cm member has compressed her ass, body shook fiercely when he moved down causing the anal even harder to stretch. She came relentlessly from pussy Squirting juices of love. The thud sound filled the room the two dogs fucked their bitches penetrating them completely with their cocks. Dog digging her long and deep thrusts zastavlyaya mumble and scream at the same time. At zel began to swell dog firmly drove his cock pulling itself Marinina ass.The node swelled butt, and that connection was very strong. The knot was just enormous. Dog stood on her back and his cock pulsed and swelled. Marina groaned when the dog began to cum in her anal filling the space with his seed. Sperm was the sea and it filled the whole anal. Marina is simply hung on a thick cock of a dog and could not pull her eyes swam, she just saw the dog turned around Elena and she is as hung under it two bitches were just fucked over by their dogs.Dog Marina pulled back bringing her a lot of joy and she was like a bitch standing in knots with dog many a time she saw that picture but couldn't imagine that she will be in the role of a bitch. She stood with 20 minutes after a member of the dog popped up with her anal she fell on the carpet and could not get up and her ass steady trickle flowed sperm dog and forming a puddle under her. So passed the first night at Marina new bitches in the village. If you liked the story comments I will answer all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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