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Default Sex story: the Owner and his dog

Sex story: the Owner and his dog
The room was spacious and bright. Several of the sofas are positioned around a center, the picture window showed the beauty of new York, sin city and trouble-free whores. The room itself was furnished in the best traditions of art Nouveau, pastel colours, interspersed with the LEDs. In the middle of the room lay a fluffy carpet of grey wolf hides, and on it stood on all fours guy, naked and quite postanawia under heavy carcass the master's Doberman, Charlie.The very same owner with pleasure watched the raging performance, sipping expensive cognac and mentally praising your favorite pet.

Blond boy curled, moaning and hard nadrachivat his cock, caving in under the weight of the excited dogs, ramming his order stretched and accustomed to such games the anus. On the pale skin of the boy was left bleeding furrows from the sharp claws of his four-legged lover, on the shoulder sported a bite mark. The Doberman pushed fast, convulsive twitching over the fragile body of his bitches. The dog was insatiable, he would burn and reveled in the availability of the guy who was sent an impressive scarlet penis into her torn hole.

Man sitting on a leather couch, crooked grinned, snapped his fingers, and then with a gesture, he beckoned the boy to him. The teenager tried to push a Doberman, but Charlie dug her teeth into his shoulder, not allowing to interrupt the sexual act. The guy whimpered and made an attempt to rise, but powerful legs of the male pinned him down to the soft skin-litter. Sahripov from discontent, young bestiality cringed, giving the dog mixed pleasure and then moved on all fours to his master.

The man patted the blond hair, when he approached, called him affectionately by name, and then unbuckled his pants and pointed it at the puffy lips of the guy his stake standing member. Charlie does not bother the fact that his bitch is going to use someone else, he passionately fucked a guy in the back, growling and whining diligence. Suddenly greased cock slipped out of the anus, and the blond had to have his hand behind his back to re-insert my dick dog.

- Good boy, ' wheezed the dark-haired man, stolknuvshis supple in the mouth of a young pervert.

Relax the throat, boy carefully took a big trunk of the host, began to suck and lick it, occasionally blinking from the impatient knocks Doberman. The young man slid a sharp tongue throughout the length of your penis men around the frenulum, the scrotum taps on and finally absorbed back into the mouth to the limit.

Toned body Charlie shuddered when he often and rhythmically moved my hips, Wencelas available in the body. Leaping to his obedient sacrifice comfortably, the dog was with great pleasure scratching paws Boca teenager, for which he received a reproachful look from the master.

Charlie was rarely allowed to play with the kid, but when given, the Doberman was hard to pull away from such a Horny bitch, who pushed himself to his feet, pre-obmazyvat his tight ass some sort of special grease, which has a beguiling aroma. dogs. The boy enjoyed with dog sex, this was evidenced by the fact that the teenager stood from such unusual games. The man often admired this spectacle, sometimes giving the kid his second dog – a Rottweiler Sam. Then Charlie is terribly jealous of a teenager to his worst enemy.

At some moment the blonde screamed, releasing a mouth full of hot dick men turned to pribaltica dog finally stilled inside him. The guy felt like a tight hole rapidly swells to an impressive knot on the dogs cock, he first tried to move, but it brought a searing pain, so I had to stand still binding.

Charlie herded breathed, his head resting on the shoulder of his favorite knots and leaning on it with all my weight. The teenager continued to please his master, licking his cock and testicles, while not forgetting about their own self-gratification. Soon Charlie jumped off the guy jerked to the side, but the penis never came out of the oozing cum holes, so the Doberman growled with displeasure and pricesdose to the ass of the young man, with his tail, the boy shuddered with a shattering orgasm.

At one time private cum teenager spilled on the highly polished parquet floor, the man's seed flowed into his pink tongue, and the dog filled distended anus to the brim. Cum was dripping from the corners of the lips of a young man, ran down the inner thighs, and the feeling of saturation was allowed to relax and unwind.

– It's early, you forgot something – threw the master, nodding at the satisfied dog, lounging on a wolf skin.

The blond boy crawled to his recent lover, patted the dog for topolmadim the ear, and then he raised his paw and clung to her lips smeared with sperm and the lubrication member dog. The teen traced the swollen mesh veins on the trunk of a Doberman, was absorbed in the mouth and gladly sucked, smacking his lips and squinting. The palm slid along the short and coarse fur on his belly, Charlie, the dog screwed up his eyes and stuck his tongue out from the unique fun, because when else would he ever find such a helpful bitch like this kid.

When the blond finished, the dog is peacefully asleep, lying on his side. The guy looked at his master with fanatical devotion, he crawled to him on all fours like a real dog, and sat it on his lap. The brunette put back her pet leather collar, pet slojenie blonde hair teenager and went with him on a leash to the bathroom. Charlie spent their indifferent eyes and fell asleep.
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